Rentals & Memberships

Fine tune your skills and accelerate your athletic progress by taking advantage of our fully-enclosed training facility! Rental times are open to the public, so give us a call today and book your spot to come in and practice your way to perfection!    

Membership Package

Coming Soon

Field Rental

Our multi-sport facility houses a fully-turfed field which can be adjusted to offer training opportunities for baseball teams, softball teams, football teams, and more! So don’t let the inclement weather affect your next practice. Rent out our climate-controlled field and Mother Nature will never come between you and your athletic goals. 


$85……1 Hour

$125……2 Hours


$100……1 Hour

$150……2 Hours

Tunnel Rental

We offer 10 hitting/pitching tunnels for rent, each equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and flexible netting. Reserve a space for team training or an individual practice and we’ll make sure to have a tunnel waiting for you when you arrive!   


$15…..30 Minutes

$20……1 Hour


$20…..30 Minutes

$30……1 Hour



All month long we will be offering $10.00 an hour tunnel rentals! Set-up your team scrimmage and rent the field! Call for pricing.